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     Shaanxi Imperial New brick Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center in October 2007 by a provincial engineering technology research center of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Department approval of the establishment of provincial scientific research and technology units. Test Test Test Center is brick machinery and equipment engineering research center affiliated institution, its main task is for the enterprise and the county building materials machinery products provide raw materials for physical properties, chemical resistance tests and their number and make reliable test in accordance with.

    Experimental Test Center began construction in June 2007, and the test run so far, has a non-metallic material analysis room, metal raw material analysis lab, physical performance test, measuring equipment testing room, infrared analysis of carbon and sulfur in the chamber, more than 20 departments, 10 a plurality of pilot testing project, has fixed assets of 5.8 million yuan, the construction area of 1,200 square meters, including the purchase of equipment of 2.2 million yuan, the existing staff of 10 people, including three senior engineers, three engineers, technical staff three people, Works have sharp test testing equipment 75 units, of which: 12 sets of laboratory equipment, testing equipment 42 sets, 19 sets of metering equipment, various standards are more than 30 countries to provide a total of 1019 batch of raw metal with internal and external customers, with brick chemical composition of raw materials, plasticity, hardness test, and provide test results of the analysis part 1021, provides laboratory testing results for the province 274 units brick machinery building materials industry, users around the country to provide 742 parts of analysis and detection laboratory test conclusions.

   2008 April 22, Shaanxi governor Yuan Chunqing, Vice Governor Yao Liang, accompanied by party secretary Tangjun Chang Baoji Mayor Dai Zhengshe county party secretary Wang Lin and other major leaders of the Group personally inspected the group is building new brick equipment Engineering technology Research Center of Shaanxi Province highly praised and fully affirmed.

   In 2009, the Centre plans to test the existing test, based on the investment of 5 million people without, to expand the scale, purchase equipment and facilities for the county and the province, the country brick machinery products development process of all services.



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